Tuesday, January 25, 2022
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SCC Winter Sports - How You Can Watch

There are many ways to watch SCC member schools' winter sports contests. 

Click here for member schools' spectator policies

What sports/levels will be broadcast?

Amity: B/G Basketball (ALL), Boys Swim, B/G Ice Hockey

Branford:  Boys Basketball (ALL), Girls Basketball (V), Boys Hockey (possible)

Career: B/G Basketball

Cheshire:  B/G Basketball (ALL), B/G Ice Hockey

Daniel Hand:  B/G Basketball (ALL), Boys Ice Hockey

East Haven:  B/G Basketball (V/JV), Boys Ice Hockey

Fairfield Prep:  Boys Basketball (ALL), Boys Swim, Boys Ice Hockey

Foran:  Boys Basketball (ALL), Girls Basketball (V/JV)

Guilford:  (Basketball - stay tuned) – Fencing/Hockey

Hamden:  Boys Basketball (ALL), Girls Basketball (V/JV), Boys Ice Hockey

Hillhouse: B/G Basketball

Jonathan Law:  B/G Basketball (ALL), Boys Swim, B/G Ice Hockey, Gymnastics

Lauralton Hall: G Basketball (V, JV)

Lyman Hall:  B/G Basketball (ALL)

Mercy:  Girls Basketball (V/JV)

Notre Dame: Basketball (ALL)

North Haven:  Boys Basketball (ALL), Girls Basketball (V/JV), Fencing, Boys Swim, Boys Ice Hockey

Sacred Heart:  Girls Basketball (JV, V)

Sheehan:  B/G Basketball (ALL), Boys Ice Hockey

Shelton:  B/G Basketball (ALL), Boys Swim

West Haven: B/G Basketball (bFR, JV,V), Ice Hockey

Wilbur Cross: B/G Basketball

Xavier: B Basketball (FR, JV, V), Swimming, Ice Hockey


Which Network/Platform is being used?

Amity Regional: Facebook Live, YouTube, Live Barn (ice hockey)


Facebook Live: https://www.facebook.com/102112384973332/live/

Branford:  http://branfordct.apptegy.us/o/bhs/page/bhs-athletics-live

Career: Facebook Live

Cheshire:  NFHS Network, LiveBarn (ice hockey)

Daniel Hand:  NFHS Network

East Haven:  NFHS Network, You Tube (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0Re2Qp7A4gV_UoBiI2aPrQ)

Fairfield Prep:  YouTube

Foran:  NFHS Network

Guilford:  NFHS Network, Facebook Live

Hamden:  NFHS Network, Live Barn (ice hockey)

Hillhouse: Facebook Live

Jonathan Law:  NFHS Network, possibly YouTube

Lauralton Hall: www.lauraltonhall.org/athletics/athletics-streaming

Lyman Hall:  Lyman Hall NFHS Link 

Boys swim meets will be on their Lyman-Coginchaug Swim and Dive Facebook Live page

Ice Hockey Games will be broadcasted on https://www.facebook.com/lhtrojanshockey/

Mercy:  NFHS Network for basketball;  Live Barn for girls ice hockey

North Haven:  NFHS Network, Facebook Live, NHTV (local cable), Facebook.com/MyNHTVSports

Notre Dame: NFHS Network

Sacred Heart:  YouTube, Facebook Live @shaathletics

Sheehan:  NFHS Network 

Shelton:  NFHS Network, Facebook Live

West Haven: NFHS Network, Live Barn (ice hockey), https://youtube.com/channel/UCVMx-250u7CA5LIP3hp2LNQ

Wilbur Cross: Facebook Live

Xavier:  YouTube for Basketball, NFHS for Swimming, Live Barn for Hockey

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