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Girls Cross Country All-Conference

From 1994-2000, All-Conference selections were the top eight finishers at the SCC Meet. Starting in 2001, the top 12 were awarded All-Conference status.   In 2013, the league changed to the top 12 finishers earning First Team All-Conference honors, and the finishers 13 to 24 - Second Team.


First Team: Anna Steffen (Daniel Hand), Julia Antony (Guilford), Elisabeth Brown (Sheehan), Julia Cannon (Sacred Heart Academy), Nell Grant (Amity), Kelly Jones (Lauralton Hall), Aviva Wyner (Amity), Ariana Garay (Amity), Olivia Kaisin (Guilford), Yanli Muhs (Guilford), Lorelai King (Guilford), Xochitl Sanchez (Wilbur Cross)

Second Team: Ursula Adams (Guilford), Meghan Georgesco (Cheshire), Morgan Combs (Daniel Hand), Mackenzie Martin (Amity), Olivia Skapczynski (Guilford), Emily Chase (Lyman Hall), Emma Kirck (Sacred Heart Academy), Olivia Ferraro (Cheshire), Hailey Spooner (Sacred Heart Academy), Caroline Chen (Amity), Clara Laughlin (Guilford), Kylie Fordyce (Mercy)


First Team:  Ella Bradford (Hamden), Elisabeth Brown (Sheehan), Clara Wiesler (Guilford), Ariana Garay (Amity Regional), Aviva Wyner (Amity Regional), Katie Konareski (Jonathan Law), Adriana Franzese (Shelton), Olivia Skapczynski (Guilford), Emma Bonz (Guilford), Katrina Muhs (Guilford), Olivia Ferraro (Cheshire), Meghan Georgescu (Cheshire)

Second Team: Emily Birney (Sacred Heart Academy), Julia Antony (Guilford), Margo Pederson (Wilbur Cross), Rose Wegman (Amity Regional), Nell Grant (Amity Regional), Morgan Combs (Daniel Hand), Jenna Ricciardi (Amity Regional), Clara Laughlin (Guilford), Joane Wilmer (Mercy), Stephanie Meza Sanchez (Wilbur Cross), Kalliopi Maniatis (Amity Regional), Arianna Amodio (Sheehan)


First Team: Meredith Bloss (Guilford), Ella Bradford (Hamden), Clara Wiesler (Guilford), Anna Steffen (Daniel Hand), Amanda Addesso (Cheshire), Elisabeth Brown (Sheehan), Anna Weissenberg (Shelton), Gianna Siciliano (Guilford), Racheal Cipolla (Mercy), Grace Adolphe (Wilbur Cross), Ariana Garay (Amity Regional), Abigail Bowser (Amity Regional)

Second Team: Emily Longmore (Cheshire), Stephanie Meza Sanchez (Wilbur Cross), Olivia Ferraro (Cheshire), Madison Steigman (Hamden), Molly Marrandino (Hamden), Madelyn Ciskowski (Amity Regional), Katie Konareski (Jonathan Law), Alexandra Kenealy (Shelton), Meghan Georgescu (Cheshire), Caroline Chen (Amity Regional), Emma Bonz (Guilford), Madison Rotermund (Daniel Hand)



First Team: Meredith Bloss (Guilford), Elisabeth Brown (Sheehan), Jacqueline Guerra (Guilford), Gianna Siciliano (Guilford), Rachel Kaplan (Cheshire), Rachael Cipolla (Mercy), Abigail Bowser (Amity Regional), Amanda LoMonte (Shelton), Clara Wiesler (Guilford), Anna Weissenberg (Shelton), Emily Longmore (Cheshire), De’Janay Davis (Hillhouse)

Second Team: Grace Adolphe (Wilbur Cross), Emily Baker (Daniel Hand), Amanda Addesso (Cheshire), Anna Steffen (Daniel Hand), Abigail Baisley (Lauralton Hall), Lauran Daddi (Cheshire), Jackie Theroux (Hamden), Ariana Garay (Amity Regional), Madison Rotermund (Daniel Hand), Rachel Parthasarthy (Daniel Hand), Emma Bonz (Guilford), Elexis Eden (Wilbur Cross)


First Team All-Conference:  Emily Criscuolo (Amity Regional), Bridgid Selfors (Mercy), Lauran Daddi (Cheshire), Elise Symon (North Haven), Meredith Bloss (Guilford), Abigail Bowser (Amity Regional), De’Janey Davis (Hillhouse), Rachel Kaplan (Cheshire), Natalie Iwaszkiewicz (Amity Regional), Clara Wiesler (Guilford), Rachael Cipolla (Mercy), Abigail Baisley (Lauralton Hall)

Second Team All-Conference: Leah Rivers (Wilbur Cross), Amanda LoMonte (Shelton), Amanda Addesso (Cheshire), Lily Stiffler (Foran), Emily Longmore (Cheshire), Devin Spisto (Shelton), Claire Keanna (Guilford), Molly Marrandino (Hamden), Emi Schwab (Cheshire), Anna Weissenberg (Shelton), Jacqueline Theroux (Hamden), Catherine LoBianco (Mercy)



First Team All-Conference

Mackenzie Pias (Mercy), Bridgid Selfors (Mercy), Danae Rivers (Wilbur Cross), Lauren Daddi (Cheshire), Melissa Taggert (Amity Regional), Abigail Bowser (Amity Regional), Claire Keanna (Guilford), Cyrene Nicholas (Branford), Nicole Wilkes (Hamden), Courtney Cosgrove (Branford), Amanda Addesso (Cheshire), Amy Puchini (Guilford)


Second Team All-Conference

Emily Criscuolo (Amity Regional), Colleen Caruth (Daniel Hand), Camille Lewis (Cheshire), Elise Symon (North Haven), Lillian Morenz (Lyman Hall), Evelyn Ferrall (Guilford), Lily Stiffler (Foran), Anneliese Troidle (Branford), Gabrielle Martin (Daniel Hand), Leah Rivers (Wilbur Cross), Abigail Baisley (Lauralton Hall), Elise Hallstead-Will (Mercy)



First Team: Mackenzie Pias (Mercy), Danae Rivers (Wilbur Cross), Bridgid Selfors (Mercy), Emily Criscuolo (Amity Regional), Cyrene Nicholas (Branford), Lauren Daddi (Cheshire), Kirsten Morro (Guilford), Talia Staiger (Mercy), Lisa Gorham (Amity Regional), Amanda Granados (Amity Regional), Sydney Stofflet (Guilford), Sheila Flaherty (Daniel Hand)

Second Team: Nicole Wilkes (Hamden), Evelyn Ferrall (Guilford), Hannah Albert (Mercy), Jessica Lohret (Branford), Courtney Cosgrove (Branford), Calli Parlier (Cheshire), Lily Stiffler (Foran), Melissa Taggart (Amity Regional), Rachel Kaplan (Cheshire), Leah Rivers (Wilbur Cross), Megan Phillips (Daniel Hand), Elise Simon (North Haven)



First Team: Kaleigh Roberts (Mercy), Danae Rivers (Wilbur Cross), Cyrene Nicholas (Branford), Liz Fengler (Sheehan), Ashley Cambisaca (Hamden), Kathryn Phillips (Daniel Hand), MacKenzie Pias (Mercy), Joelle Schumacher (Shelton), Leah Rivers (Wilbur Cross), Sheila Flaherty (Daniel Hand), Lisa Gorham (Amity Regional), Bridgid Selfors (Mercy)

Second Team: Emily Criscuolo (Amity Regional), Anneliese Troidle (Branford), Natalie Wickenheisser (Cheshire), Hannah Albert (Mercy), Abby Lieberman (Hamden), Claudia Schatz (Wilbur Cross), Jessica Lohret (Branford), Dawn Hubbell (North Haven), Olivia Schultes (Guilford), Evelyn Ferrall (Guilford), Sarah Odabashian (Daniel Hand), Claire Pite (Amity Regional)


Click here for All-Division Teams (pdf)

Kellie Davis (Hillhouse), Kaleigh Roberts (Mercy), Ashley Cambisaca (Hamden), Kathleen Kalbian (Cheshire), Kathryn Phillips (Daniel Hand), Cyrene Nicholas (Branford), Mackenzie Pias (Mercy), Carolyn Duman (Guilford), Fiona Doolan (Guilford), Anneliese Troidle (Branford), Sheila Flaherty (Daniel Hand), Maya Birney (Branford)


Click here for All-Division teams (pdf)

Kellie Davis (Hillhouse), Ashley Cambisaca (Hamden), Emily Taylor (Guilford), Megan Powell (Guilford), Kathleen Kalbian (Cheshire), Kaleigh Roberts (Mercy), Katie Ferrall (Guilford), Amanda Chang (Cheshire), Kathleen Darling (Mercy), Brianne Vess (Mercy), Nicole Adam Cheshire), Fiona Doolan (Guilford) 




Click here for All-Division teams (pdf)

Sarah Cotton (Hand), Kellie Davis (Career), Mara Lieberman (Hamden), Katie Ferrall (Gulford), Kelsey Grimmer (Shelton), Paris Taft (Career), Amanda Levy (Guilford), Megan Powell (Guilford), Sarah Fusco (Cheshire), Natasha Barrow (Hand), Kaleigh Roberts (Mercy), Megan Lynch (Hand)



Click here for All-Division teams (pdf)

Sarah Cotton (Hand), Kellie Davis (Career), Kathleen Kalbian (Cheshire), Val Williams (Guilford), Carolyn Williams (Hamden), Megan Carroll (Shelton), Megan Lynch (Hand), Julie Hart (Cheshire), Kelsey Grimmer (Shelton), Brianne Vess (Mercy), Lauren Villano (Guilford), Melissa Corraro (Shelton)


Click here for All-Division teams (pdf)

Sarah Cotton (Hand), Irene Kalbian (Cheshire), Kathleen Elliott (Guilford), Frances Brillante (Sacred Heart Academy), Kelsey Proctor (Guilford), Val Williams (Guilford), Megan Powell (Guilford), Katie Duman (Guilford), Annelies Gamble (Amity), Carolyn Williams (Hamden), Paige Pallotto (Amity), Kelsey Grimmer (Shelton)


Click here for All-Division teams (pdf)

Courtney Dinnan (Hamden), Irene Kalbian (Cheshire), Francis Brillante (Sacred Heart Academy), Ashley Sarris (Shelton), Kathleen Elliott (Guilford), Anneliese Gamble (Amity), Amelia Farnham (Guilford), Paige Pallotto (Amity), Lacey Vogel (Amity), Kelsey Proctor (Guilford), Lauren Villano (Guilford), Jane Degen (Amity)


Courtney Dinnan (Hamden); Faye McKenna (Mercy); Irene Kalbian (Cheshire); Kathleen Elliott (Guilford); Kelsey Proctor (Guilford), Frankie Brillante (Sacred Heart); Laura Cantley (Guilford); Paige Pallotto (Amity); Michelle Spiteri (Sheehan); Liz Tate (Branford); Eliza Hurwitz (North Haven); Amelia Farnham (Guilford)


Jessica Keener (Mercy); Irene Kalbian (Cheshire), Courtney Dinnan (Hamden); Becca Krumholz (Guilford); Mahulikar Kishori (Hand); Faye McKenna (Mercy); Sarah Hurwitz (North Haven); Stephanie Shea (Amity); Joanna Cambria (Amity); Amelia Farnham (Guilford); Ashley Sarris (Shelton); Eliza Hurwitz (North Haven)

Sonia Haerizadeh (Amity); Becca Krumholz (Guilford); Jessica Keener (Mercy); Kishori Mahulikar (Hand); Diana Richerson (Guilford); Hayley Percy (Amity); Laura Cantley (Guilford); Alison Bonito (Guilford); Ashley Sarris (Shelton); Pam Karkut (Shelton); Jessica Dann (Hand); Katie Gagliardi (Sacred Heart)

Orlaith Cunningham (Branford); Kelly Howard (Sheehan); Sonia Haerizadeh (Amity); Shamika Witcher (Wilbur Cross); Pam Karkut (Shelton); Lara Phillips (Hand); Laura Cantley (Guilford); Heather Stanish (Amity); Eleni Sarigianis (Amity); Stephanie Stewart (Hand); Kishori Mahulikar (Hand); Jenny Evans (Hand)

Kate Ballentine (Hand); Abby Clawson (Hand); Orlaith Cunningham (Branford); Jenny Evans (Hand); Sonia Haerizadeh (Amity); Emma Harmon (Guilford); Pam Karkut (Shelton); Brenna Muller (Guilford); Teah Muller (Guilford); Eleni Sarigianis (Amity); Heather Stanish (Guilford); Kelly Woll (Cheshire)

Niamh Cunningham (Branford); Heather Stanish (Guilford); Diana Clarke (East Haven); Brenna Muller (Guilford); Lara Phillips (Hand); Abby Clawson (Hand); Kelly Woll (Cheshire); Sonia Haerizadeh (Amity); Michelle Kacich (Mercy); Kate Choromanski (Shelton); Jenny Evans (Hand)

Niamh Cunningham (Branford); Heather Stanish (Guilford); Teah Muller (Guilford); Mary Warren (Amity); Chante Franklin (Wilbur Cross); Brenna Muller (Guilford); Kate Choromanski (Shelton); Kyle Palmquist (Mercy)

Lauren Aldrich (Cheshire); Amanda Brei (Amity); Emily Choromanski (Shelton); Kate Choromanski (Shelton); Stephanie D'Orso (Amity); Rachel Kain (Cheshire); Becca Lufler (Guilford); Anna Polanski (Derby)

Amy Pleckaitis (Amity); Amanda Brei (Amity); Emily Choromanski (Shelton); Shaleen Bowman (Guilford); Lauren Aldrich (Cheshire); Ana Polansi (Derby); Nadine Bosson (Guilford); Nicole D'Andrea (Guilford)

Liza Grudzinski (Branford); Kim Heiligman (Cheshire); Amanda Brei (Amity); Nicole D'Andrea (Guilford); Lisa Melillo (East Haven); Shaleen Bowman (Guilford); Nadine Bosson (Guilford); Meghan Kimball (Amity)

Lauren Aldrich (Cheshire); Liza Grudzinski (Branford); Meredith Rossner (Amity); Amy Baxter (Cheshire); Lisa Melillo (East Haven); Kim Heiligman (Cheshire); Colleen Boyle (Amity); Allison Tannenbaum (Cheshire)

Amy Baxter (Cheshire); Lisa Melillo (East Haven); Alex Piotrowski (Cheshire); Kelly Maher (Guilford); Meredith Rossner (Amity); Liza Grudzinski (Branford); Christina Bousquet (Mercy); Colleen Boyle (Amity)

S. Closek (Lyman Hall); A. Montmerie (Mercy); Amy Baxter (Mercy); Alex Piotrowski (Cheshire); S. Land (Mercy); J. Debicella (Shelton); L. Mayhew (Hamden); M. Stratz (West Haven)


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