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SCC Boys Soccer 2020 Season Preview


Southern Connecticut Conference 2020 Boys Soccer Preview

2020: The 2020 season begins Thursday, October 1. Due to the late start, all SCC teams will play 11 regular-season games. The goal is to have each of the three divisions have playoffs where all teams qualify.

Division Alignment: There are 20 schools, divided into three divisions, that compete in SCC boys soccer in 2020. These divisions will be in effect for the 2020 season only. With CIAC mandating regional play due to Covid-19, we have had to shuffle the deck this year and welcome Whitney Tech and Platt Tech to the fold. Fairfield Prep will play in a FCIAC "region" this fall.

Division A:  Xavier, Cheshire, Sheehan, Lyman Hall, Whitney Tech, Hamden, North Haven

Division B: Daniel Hand, Guilford, Branford, East Haven, Wilbur Cross, Career/HH

Division C: Shelton, Amity Regional, Foran, Jonathan Law, Platt Tech, Notre Dame, West Haven

Defending Champs: Guilford won the 2019 SCC championship by virtue of a 2-0 win over rival Daniel Hand. Amity, Xavier, Guilford, and Hand were your division winners last fall. Ironically, it was the Tigers who would claim a state title when they beat Wilton in a 4-3 OT classic for the Class L crown.


Head Coach: Michael Marchitto

2019 Record: 7-7-4

2020 Captains: Arian Bobi, KaoJao Boonyalai, and Aaron Mayerson

Top Returners:

Arian Bobi - Senior - Two-year starter.

Season Outlook:

This year’s Amity Boys Soccer team will be a young team that will be competitive.  We will work to compete for our division and a spot in the postseason. I have a bunch of excellent young talent mixed with some seasoned players who I am very excited to work with this year.


Head Coach: Paul Hunter (12th year)

2019 Record: 7-8-2

2020 Captains: Alec Aceves-Acosta, Raffaelle Ciarleglio, Din Dumic, and Matthew Cordero

Top Returners:

Raffaelle Ciarliglio - Senior - Selected to the All-SCC First Team and All-State Team in 2019; Had 17 goals and 8 Assists;

Matthew Cordero - Senior - Three-year starter.

Season Outlook:

We return 8 starters from last year's team and hopefully we should be competitive again this year. We lost 3 key starters from last year's team and hopefully we will be able to fill in the sizable holes those players left.


Head Coach: Becky Gawel (7th season)

2019 Record: 1-15

2020 Captains: Christian Guaman, Jaheim Sewell, Malik Giscombe, and Mark Congacha

Top Returners:

Mark Congacha - Junior - Three-year starter; Plays center mid and received All-SCC honors as a sophomore.

Christian Guaman-  Senior - Three-year starter; Second year as captain; Christian is a tremendous leader on and off the field and is a vocal leader of our defense.

Kennedy Uwakwe – Senior - Three-year starter; Kennedy is an extremely versatile player. He has played up top for us most of his career but will be utilized all over the pitch this year.

Season Outlook:

The 2020 season has already been filled with a bunch of ups and downs. We are looking forward to getting to compete with everyone this season and are excited to showcase our talents.


Head Coach: Artur Branco  (26th season)

2019 Record: 11-6-1

2020 Captains: Matt Pisani and EJ Gonzalez

Top Returners:

Seniors: Timothy Beecher, Ethan Gonzalez, Nate Houle, Clement Pez, and Matt Pisani.

Juniors: Max Manware, Marcello Pannone. Sophomores: Samir Dishnica, and Colin Brown.

Season Outlook:

Team goals are to be competitive and improve throughout the season. We have a strong division with Xavier coming off an outstanding year. Hand and Shelton also look to once again be two of the stronger teams in the SCC.


Head Coach: Greg Cumpstone (3rd year)

2019 Record: 17-2-4

2020 Captains:  Chris Porte and Scott Testori

Top Returners:

Chris Porte - Senior - Selected First-Team All-SCC in 2019; Three-year starter who tallied 11 goals and 12 assists last season;

Scott Testori - Senior - Four-year starter who has racked up a slew of awards; All-American, CT Player of the Year, Two-time All-State; Two-time All-SCC First Team; Two-time New Haven Register All Area and MVP; Tallied 24 goals and 16 assists last season;

Jason Wallack - Senior - Four-year starter who scored 13 goals and hadded 7 assists last season; Selected to All-SCC First Team in 2019;

Jack Wildermann - Senior - Three-year starter;

Matt Luongo - Senior - Two-year starter;

Sean Burke - Senior - Two-year starter;

Daven Pelaez - Senior;

Timothy Perez - Junior - Two-year starter; Goalkeeper with six shutouts

Lucas Vest - Junior - Two-year starter;

Season Outlook:

The team goal is to build on its success from recent years. The players and staff feel they have strong personnel and they want to perform to our capabilities. With luck and hard work, the potential is there to challenge for trophies.

EAST HAVEN Yellow Jackets

Head Coach: Michael Papantonio  (2nd year)

2019 Record: 1-15

2020 Captains: Asa Myers and Matthew Torres

Top Returners:

Luis Agudelo - Senior;

Victor Calvillo - Senior;

Junnyor Torres - Senior;

Cristopher Torres - Sophomore.

Season Outlook:

No current player on the roster has a conference win on their resume. We expect to change that this year. We expect to contend for 3 or 4 seed in our division. We expect to produce a better product than in recent history. We expect to establish a culture of hard work while competing with the best in our league.


Head Coach: Rick DiStefano (15th year)

2019 Record: 6-7-4

2020 Captains: Ben Carlson, Luca Marinelli, and Thomas Kummer

Top Returners:


Ben Carlson - Senior - Four-year starter; Selected to the All-SCC First Team and Class L All-State Team in 2019;


Luca Marinelli - Senior - Three-year starter; Selected to the All-SCC First Team and Class L All-State Team in 2019;


Thomas Kummer - Senior - Three-year starter;


Eric Haig - Senior - Two-year starter.

Season Outlook:

We have an experienced team returning and have a good mix of talented seniors and underclassmen. We are coming off a very solid 2019 season, with a good defensive team that returns all of our defenders and our goalkeeper and our midfield looks to be very solid. We are hoping for a successful 2020 season and expect to be as competitive a team as we have ever been. This group takes pride in keeping clean sheets and we hope to be very difficult to score on.

GUILFORD High School

Head Coach: Curtis Gullette  (2nd season)

2019 Record: 15-2-6

2020 Captains: Aidan Buchanan and Anthony Ippolito

Top Returners:

Aidan Buchanan - Senior - Four-year starter who plays defender/midfielder; Selected to All SCC-First Team and Class L All-State Teams in 2019;

Anthony Ippolito - Senior - Three-year starter who plays forward/midfielder; Was named SCC Tournament MOP in 2019

Niall O'Brien - Senior - Two-year starter who plays midfielder, Selected to the All SCC-Second Team in 2019

Evan Lemon - Senior - Three-year starter who plays midfielder.

Season Outlook:

GHS Boys’ Soccer is looking forward to this unprecedented season.  We are taking a one game at a time approach knowing that nothing is given to us, especially this year.  The boys are ready to put in the effort and are poised to have a strong showing this season.

HAMDEN Green Dragons

Head Coach: Raffaele Romano (11th season)

2019 Record: 12-5-3

2020 Captains: Gabe Messa and Jack Wagner

Top Returners:

Josh Venditto, Christian Dunkley, Andrew Leffers, and Jack Wagner.

Season Outlook:

We should be competitive. We have half the team returning and the younger players are committed and improving rapidly.  We are committed to fair play and respect. 


Head Coach: Mike Gruber (6th season)

2019 Record: 0-12-4

2020 Captains: Lex Edwards, Jonathan Contaxis, Jaden Wywoda, and Jacob Nastasia

Top Returners:

Lex Edwards, Jacob Nastasia, Fillipe Mourao, and Marcus Dostal

Season Outlook:

This year we are looking to get back on the field and win games. We were competitive last year but didn’t see it in earning results, but we are bringing back many starters and promising young players ready to step up. We want to win as many games as possible this year and show we can compete with any team in the SCC and state.


Head Coach: Arnie Jandreau (25th year)

2019 Record: 4-11-1

2020 Captains: Riley Stone and Declan Turbett

Top Returners:

Declan Turbett - Senior - Four-year starter; Scored 15 goals last season; Selected to the All-SCC First Team in 2019;

Riley Stone - Senior - Three-year starter; Selected to the All-SCC Second Team in 2019.

Season Outlook:

I think we will be very competitive with a chance to win all our games this season. Besides Declan and Riley leading our team, we have some great kids - Niko Cymbala, Yahya Kardad, Mauricio Zeas Cabrera, and Blake Gibertoni that I’m expecting big things from this year. Most importantly, our goal for the year is for everyone to remain healthy and safe so we can have a full season.


Head Coach: Reid Chieffo (4th season)

2019 Record: 3-9-4

2020 Captains: Justin Falasco and Eduardo Cienfuegos

Top Returners:

Kasey Mongillo - Senior - Second Team All-SCC selection in 2019;

Eduardo Cienfuegos - Senior - Second Team All-SCC selection in 2019;

Luke Franco - Senior - Combined with Cienfuegos to lead the team in goals in 2019;

Matt Casey - Senior - Two-year starter in goal;

Tanner Powell and Justin Flasco - Seniors - Will combine with Casey to lead the defense.

Season Outlook:

Expectations are very high for this senior-led team. Ten out of the 11 Indian starters are seniors and they are very hungry to make their mark and improve on the 3-9-4 campaign last year.

NOTRE DAME Green Knights

Head Coach: Chris Ciuca (20th season)

2019 Record: 8-7-3

2020 Captains: Nick Vitti, Justin Pollio, Doyle Jacob, and Naumann Connor

Top Returners:

Nick Vitti - Three-year starter

Season Outlook:

We are so happy that we can play. We want to be healthy and enjoy being out there. Our team goal is to be competitive and play good quality soccer against any team. I want my team and my program to get stronger and stronger every season. We’re ready.


Head Coach: Mike Raccio

2019 Record:  14-2-1



Head Coach: Luis Rodriguez, Jr. (13th season)

2019 Record: 9-6-2

2020 Captains: Luke Festa, Andrew Kerry, Yousef Said

Top Returners:

Simon Koepfer,Vincenzo  Carbone, Francesco Carbone, Jaiden Kapoor, Connor Dufey, Luke Festa, Andrew Kerry,  Yousef Said

2020 Season Outlook:

Our goal is to do well in our league and qualify States. We are a young team. We lost nine starting varsity players last year including our starting keeper. We are working really hard under difficult circumstances to prepare a young team for success.



Head Coach: Isaac Montalvo (14th season)

2019 Record: 12-5-3

2020 Captains: Reino Sawan  Deven Papadimitriou

Top Returners:

Connor Gill - Senior - Three-year varsity starter;

Jason Lorent - Senior - Two-year varsity starter;

Alessio Sciortino - Junior.

Season Outlook:

Soccer is a great game that induces more than enjoyment and entertainment. We are all happy to be back to the field and are ready to bring passion and take one day at a time. Every time we step on the field for practices or for games we need to have fun. 

Expectation: Our expectation is to be able to compete, to work hard, to play hard, and to help improve the understanding of the game. Players need to have determination, punctuality, and a positive attitude. Always respect teammates, officials, and opponent teams.  

Team Goals: Our team goal is to keep improving team performance. Also to grow better and better as each day goes by as a student athlete and to be playing any final game if possible. Most importantly, always represent Shelton High School with Honor.

To accomplish: To establish a Team Culture that thrives on competition and strives to pursue personal, academic, and athletic excellence within the framework of the team.

Special Team messages: Student-Athletes must possess personal characters, talent, an undeniable work ethic, and passion for soccer, a solid foundation will be in place for maintaining a tradition of success with a view of competing annually for the SCC title and state championship as well.

WEST HAVEN Blue Devils

Head Coach: Chris Cap (4th season)

2019 Record: 8-7-3

2020 Captains: Aldo Barragan and Anthony Vendrella

Top Returners:

Aldo Barragan - Senior - Four-year starter. Selected to the 2019 All-SCC First Team and All-State teams in 2019;

Derick Meza - Senior - Three-year starter.

Season Outlook:

The core of this team has played together for four years. We are looking for something special from them.



Head Coach: Scott Raffone (1st year)

2019 Record: 8-6-3

2020 Captains: Alex Van Tassol and Carlos Lopez

Top Returners:

Kevin Sian - Senior - Selected to the All-SCC First Team in 2019; Recorded 11 goals and 4 assists;

Nico Echeandia - Junior;

Marc Muech - Junior;

Alinoti Jacques - Sophomore.

Season Outlook:

Our kids are excited to go out and compete. The 90-minute practices forces us to be very deliberate with the time. The masks make communication difficult, but we are just happy to be out there. Because we started a little later, it is going to take time for us to hit our stride. We are a young team with a strong core of returning starters. As the season goes on, we will be difficult to beat.


WHITNEY Tech Inventors

Head Coach: TBA

2019 Record: 2-12-2


XAVIER Falcons

Head Coach: Brian Fitzgerald (10th season)

2019 Record: 14-4-2

2020 Captains: Liam Houchin, Jason Salley, and Noah Stevenson

Top Returners:

Jason Salley - Senior - Three-year starter;  First-team All-SCC selection in 2019;

Liam Houchin - Senior - Two-year starter;

Noah Stevenson - Senior -Two-year starter;

Ryan Gerry - Junior - Two-year starter;

Dylan Misenti - Junior - Two-year starter;

Season Outlook:

We have a good returning group of players from last year’s team. We are looking to improve as a team with our possession and will need to find someone to step up to score some goals and replace Brendan Montano’s 16 goals last season. This is a great group and we are hoping to continue to have success this upcoming season.

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