Sunday, November 28, 2021
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SCC Boys Cross Country 2020 Season Preview


The 2020 boys cross country season begins Thursday, Oct. 1. 


The defending SCC champion is Xavier; the runner-up was Guilford

Twelve of the top 25 runners at the 2019 SCC championship meet return to action in 2020, led by Amity Regional junior Mason Beaudette (3rd in 2019) and Cheshire senior Ryan Farrell (6th)



Head Coach: Chris Elledge (1st season)

2019 Recap: Finished third at SCC championships

2020 Captains: Christian Chen and Michael Haverstock


Top Returners: 

Mason Beaudette, junior, 1st Team All-SCC in 2019; finished third at SCC championships

Colby O'Connor, Parker Paragas, Christian Chen, Michael Haverstock, Brodey Lu


2020 Season Outlook:

“We can only control two things as athletes, effort and preparation, you can bet we will do both! We expect to get better at every race and be a team to reckoned with at the end of the season!”



Head Coach: Kevin Connell (27 years)

2019 Recap: 11th at SCC championships

2020 Captains:    Patricio Banegas, Brennan Hynes

Top Returners:

Pat Zdunek, Cheng Wu, Wes Raymond, Patricio Banegas, Brennan Hynes, Graham Reynolds

2020 Season Outlook:

“We are all anxious to get started, it’s been a long time since they have done any racing , they have worked together all summer so hopes run high.  We expect to be competitive in our division this year,it is a challenging schedule, and we are looking for our athletes to compete. We have many unproven underclassmen and a good group of freshmen, this will be fun to watch them develop.”


CAREER Panthers

Head Coach: Marlene Pratt



Head Coach: Pam Gunneson (3rd season)

2019 Recap: Finished 4th at SCC championships

2020 Captains: Patrick O’Connor and Ryan Farrell

Top Returners:

Ryan Farrell – Finished in 6th place at 2019 SCC Championships, All SCC First Team, finished 12th at Class L State Championship and earned All State honors.

Robert DiNatale- Consistent finisher in our top 5 last year

2020 Season Outlook:

“The boys have worked hard through a challenging time to get in proper racing shape. Faced with the uncertainty of the season taking place, the boys have shown tremendous resiliency to do their best to be prepared for when the start of season was to begin. We have had many senior members of our varsity squad graduate, but many younger athletes have stepped up and are determined to help the upper classmen to another successful season.”



Head Coach: Tim Geary

2019 Recap: Finished 5th at SCC championships

Top Returners:

Dante Zucconi, First Team All-SCC in 2019 – finished 8th at SCC championships

Connor Parthasarthy, Second Team All-SCC in 2019 – finished 19th at SCC championships


EAST HAVEN Yellowjackets

Head Coach: Anthony Russell (18th year)

2020 Captains: Jeff Maffeo, Ian Reynolds

Top Returners

Ian Reynolds, senior, finished 112th at SCC Championships

2020 Season Outlook:

“With a senior-laden team, the Easties will look to be competitive this season and hopefully surprise a few teams.”



Head Coach:  Jeff Raucci (2nd year)

2019 Recap: Finished 17th at SCC championships

2020 Captains: Brett Dumais, Cole Heitmann

Top Returnees:

Nate Heubner, Junior

Cole Heitmann, Senior

2020 Season Outlook:  

“Despite everything going on all of the restrictions, these boys have put in the work this offseason and are excited to start.  We expect to have a stronger season this year with our guys getting more experience.” 



Head Coach: Jonathan Rivera (6th year)

2019 Recap: Finished second at the SCC Championships

2020 Captains: Reese Puchalski-Senior, Justin Shiffrin-Junior

Top Returners:

Justin Shiffrin was a top 5 runner from a year ago now the #1 runner; finished 26th at SCC championship in 2019

Tanner Updyke was a top 5 runner from a year ago now the #2 runner; finished 29th at SCC championship in 2019

2020 Season Outlook:

“A different year but it is the same for everyone. Looking to have a strong showing in the SCC championship race, we were runner up and would like to accomplish that again as well as be competitive for the top spot. First goal is to get there so build experience and put ourselves in a position to have a strong day at the divisional meet. Always our goal to improve all runners along the way from our slowest to our fastest. No states to aim for but we want to run our best at the end when it counts the most. “


HAMDEN Green Dragons

Head Coach: Bryce Lindamood (28th season)

2019 Recap:  Finished 9th at SCC championships

2020 Captains: Andrew White  

Top Returners:

Derrick DeVilbiss, Senior, finished 25th at SCC Championships in 2019

Andrew White, Senior, finished 35th at SCC Championships in 2019

 2020 Season Outlook:

“We have a dedicated group of five senior boys who are excited for the upcoming season.”   



Head Coach: Michele Moore



Head Coach: Charlie Phillips (21st year)

2019 Recap:  Finished 13th at SCC championships

2020 Captains: Luke Pleimann(12),Amir Elhelw(12), Charles Wang(12), James Marino(12)

Top returners:

Sophomore Liam Fedigan finished 49th at the SCC Championships in 2019.

Seniors Luke Pleimann, Amir Elhelw, and Charles Wang, who all were state qualifiers last year. Max Wischow, another senior, has shown early-season potential.

Season Outlook:

We have another large number of runners who are showing great enthusiasm to improve every day, After our top 5, nine of the next ten are Sophomores. We have 36 on the team with 23 ninth and tenth graders. Our goal is to get as many runners to run in a pack to improve times as the season progresses.”



Head Coach: Mike Addorisio (31st year)

2019 Recap: Finished 16th at SCC championships

2020 Captain: Jack Murphy

Top Returners:

Jack Murphy (finished 55th at SCC championships in 2019)

Aiden Weir (finished 57th at SCC championships in 2019)

2020 Season Outlook:

“We look to improve from middle of the pack last year with our two top runners – Jack Murphy and Aiden Weir.”



Head Coach: Carl Jackson (22nd year)

2019 Recap:  Finished 10th at SCC championships

2020 Captains: Nick Howlett, Patrick Rourke, Tiernan Neville

Top Returners:

Patrick Rourke, sophomore, finished 41st at 2019 SCC championships

Nick Howlett, senior

Mike Rubano, junior, finished 76th at 2019 SCC championships

Tiernan Neville, senior

Aaron Barbiero, senior

2020 Season Outlook

“Our goal this year is to finish with a winning dual-meet record. The second goal is to win the division and qualify for the Conference Championship.  And most importantly, we want the entire team to stay healthy this season.”


NOTRE DAME Green Knights

Head Coach: Richard Andreozzi (5th year)

2019 Recap: Finished 7th at SCC championships

2020 Captains: Ohm Patel Jacob Carson

Top Returners:

Ohm Patel (2nd team All SCC; 13th place at 2019 SCC championship meet)

Jacob Carson (2nd team All SCC, 18th place at 2019 SCC championship meet) 

Juniors Devin Rodriquez, Kevin Sevigny, Caleb Shea,and Justin Cummings

Sophomore Erik Kusileas

2020 Season Outlook:

“The outlook for this fall is very bright. We expect to compete and win our division (Shelton, Amity, Law, and Foran.) Our main goal is reach the SCC finals which this fall only has 6 teams qualify.”



Head Coach:  Jackie Schlosser (1st year)

2020 Captains:  William Schmidheini, Jack Borgerson

Top Returners:

William Schmidheini

2020 Season Outlook:

“We have a very young team with no seniors.  However, it is a great group of hard-working kids with lots of potential.”



Head Coach: Frank Mohr (3rd year)

2019 Recap:  Finished 8th at SCC championships

2020 Captains: Kennedy Clave, John Womelsdorf

Top Returners:  

Senior Kennedy Clave (finished 48th at 2019 SCC championships)

Senior John Womelsdorf

2020 Season Outlook:

Losing the top three runners to graduation from a fourth place finish team in Class M will be tough to replace, but Clave and Womelsdorf have done a great job leading the team during this preseason. Newcomers Anthony Galicia, Devin Welch, and Ryan Carmen will be challenging veterans Jose Camargo, Aaron Mansfield, Mike Womelsdorf, and Evan Caines for line-up spots.”



Head Coach: Michael Gambardella (21st year)

2019 Recap:  Finished 6th at SCC championships

2020 Captains:  Christian Magel, Andrew Cole

Top Returners:

William Rodrigues, Junior (Finished 31st at SCC Championships in 2019)

Jayden Opper – sophomore

Jeremy Aprea- junior

Harrison Garrett- sophomore

Andrew Cole- senior

Luke Pacheco- sophomore

Chris Carroll-sophomore

2020 Season Outlook: 

The Gaels lost 5 of our 7 top runners due to graduation, so it will be a rebuilding year. The future looks bright due to last year’s strong freshman class. This will be a good year for the younger runners to gain some valuable experience and exhibit their potential. Our team goal will be to qualify for the SCC championship race in November.  In this difficult time, I would like this year’s team to enjoy their teammates' company and gain an appreciation for how running or exercise in general can help them cope with life’s challenges.“



Head Coach: Bill McDermott

2019 Recap: Finished 12th at SCC championships



Head Coach: Travis Gale (8th season)

2019 Recap:  Finished 14th at SCC championships

2020 Captains: Jadon Gomez-Stafford, James Maciel-Andrews, and Donald Bailey

Top Returners:

Wolf Boone

2020 Season Outlook

“Our senior leadership is great for the overall team morale, and our top five spread is strong.  I am excited to see how they perform.  We are excited to get the season going.”


XAVIER Falcons

Head Coach: Christopher Stonier (10th year)

2019 Recap:  Won the SCC championship for fourth straight year

2020 Captains: N/A

Top Returners:

Eamon Burke (Junior) - 2019 1st Team All-SCC; finished 7th at SCC championships

Brody Santagata (Junior) - 2019 1st Team All-SCC; finished 11th at SCC championships

Noah San Vicente (Junior) – 2019 2nd Team All-SCC; finished 16th at SCC championships

Nick Cassarino (Sophomore) - 2019 2nd Team All-SCC; finished 14th at SCC championships

Sam Simko (Junior) – 2019 2nd Team All-SCC; finished 23rd at SCC championships

Connor Selfors (Junior)

Josh Lesniak (Junior)

2020 Season Outlook

“The 2020 Xavier Cross Country team returns a squad of talented, young athletes that are dedicated to building upon the legacy of the program.  The team’s goal is to capture the 5th consecutive conference championship, conclude the 2020 season healthy and be prepared to make a run for the 14th State Open title in program history in 2021.”   

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