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Diversity Program

Diversity Program

diversity2004"Breaking Barriers, Building Bridges"

What is the SCC Diversity Dream Team Program?

Over 125 student leaders form “diversity dream teams” and become specially-trained advocates for valuing, appreciating and acknowledging diversity in their respective school communities within the SCC.

Click here for the 2012-13 meeting dates (pdf)

Facilitators from the Anti- Defamation League (ADL) and English teachers from SCC member-schools serve as catalysts, leading the students to promote acceptance, heighten communication and foster the appreciation for diversity. A syllabus of reading and writing prompts, as well as interactive face-to-face icebreakers were conducted in a positive atmosphere. Cross-cultural and conflict resolution techniques were shared to help acquire skills and practical strategies to reduc ebullying behaviors that often arise in teenage life. An annual report is distributed at the closing session in May and features “dream team” writings along with each SCC school’s action planning summary.

Dave Maloney, retired Assistant Principal at Branford High School and current CAS-CIAC assistant director, is the program administrator.

Diversity Dream Team Goals

* To reduce racial isolation and offer selected SCC students a forum for dialogue and bridge-building across urban-subruban-rural geographical boundaries.

* To enhance the awareness of diversity by studying the complexities of prejudice and identify ways participants have experienced bias in their lives and in society.

* To challenge the stereotypes and biases which inhibit intergroup understanding and to provide techniques for combating these stereotypes and biases.

* To acquire cross-cultural and conflict resolution communication skills.

* To expose all participants to a rich array of viewpoints, perspectives, and experiences.

* To develop a "Plan of Action" to promote acceptance, heighten communication, and the appreciation of difference.


Photos by Bill O'Brien - taken at the January 10, 2011 league meeting at the Jewish Community Center in Woodbridge.






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