Saturday, June 25, 2022
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Corporate Sponsorship

Corporate Sponsorship

Enriching Our 23,000 Students High School Experience

Recognized as the premier athletic league in the state, SCC member-schools have captured more than 450 state championships in its 24-plus years of existence.

More importantly, the SCC is recognized for its outstanding non-athletic programs and events such as its Arts Exhibition, Captains Council leadership luncheons, and Scholar-Leader recognition banquet. These programs are aimed to break down barriers and build bridges of understanding to students from our 22 schools, which represent both urban and suburban communities. By enriching their high school experience, we help our young people become responsible students, athletes and citizens.

That’s why corporate sponsorship is a critical and strategic element for the conference. With 22 member schools, there is a financial challenge to provide comprehensive programs to our students each year. That's why, funding from our corporate sponsors enhances the overall high school experience for our students as well as supports the conference’s operational needs.

Influential Target Market/Consumer Group

Corporate sponsors, in exchange for their funding, have access to a large and influential target consumer group that includes high school students (ages 14-18), recent high school graduates, parents, relatives, and members of the 17 communities which our 23 high schools are located.

For further information about joining the conference’s growing group of corporate sponsors or about supporting the Southern Connecticut Conference, please contact Al Carbone (203) 671-4421 or Bill O’Brien (203) 988-0241 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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